A crucial area of strength in Västmanland

Regional demonstration of strength for innovative utilisation of technology within social welfare and health.
Presentation of the Social Welfare and Health
area of strength

Within the framework of the Västmanland Region’s industrial development program Business Plan Västmanland, the Västmannacouncil has decided that the Social Welfare and Health area shall be a prioritized area of development in the strategic industrial development plan established for the years 2014–2020. In this way, the Region seek to contribute to creating more efficient health and social care as well as growth for companies that work within the social welfare and medical technology sector. Contributing to finding solutions to present and future global challenges within health and social care requires new technical solutions, new ways of working, custom training and proactive health actions. The aim of Region Västmanland’s concentration is to help bring about a greater number of products and services to the market. Through this concentration they also seek to contribute to the creation of more successful companies within the branches of social welfare and medical technology. Västerås Science Park is responsible for the coordination of the Regions concentration within the Social Welfare and Health area of strength.
The innovation system in Västmanland offers the following possibilities to companies and carriers of ideas within social welfare and medical technology:
Membership in the network
In the year 2017 the network consists of around fifty companies that are continually offered different growthpromoting contributions. As a member, among other opportunities, you get to participate in monthly network meetings where companies, health and social care representatives, and innovation system executives are brought together to exchange experiences, create partnerships, and help broaden their contact base, etc. The network meeting schedule is available at valfardochhalsa.se, see “Kalender”
The website
The ambition of the website is to offer companies and carriers of ideas contacts with different branchspecific collaborators from whom they can benefit. For example, contacts with organizations and companies offering test environments, financing, product development, CE marking support, business development, law, etc. Several of these collaborators have introductory offers. The website also includes information about welfare and medical technology companies that are network members, activities and events
calendar, as well as news.
The MISTEL test bed, the City of Västerås
In association with VINNOVA, the City of Västerås has established MISTEL, a test bed for innovations in elderly care. A test bed is a forum for meetings between innovators and would-be users of their innovations. MISTEL is open to innovations that help to ensure that elderly and those with a disability experience well-being and live independently. The test bed is also open to innovations that contribute to quality, local authorityfunded health, and social care. An innovation may be a product or service, but also a working method or organisational solution. MISTEL provides innovators and people with ideas with customised meetings and expertise-supported tests within municipal health and social care. Via the purchase of a particular service, the innovator has a way to align their innovation or idea directly with the intended user. In this way, MISTEL wants to ensure that a greater number of sound and popular innovations reach the market. Innovators are offered various methods, depending on the innovation and stage in the process. However, focus groups with relevant participants and end-user tests are key elements. Tests primarily take place in real environments: in the homes of elderly people or people with a disability, as well as in special housing settings, such as sheltered and group housing. For more information, please visit www.mistelinnovation.se.
Region Västmanland Innovation
Information or contact:
Region Västmanland Innovation targets all who have an idea that can contribute to development and improvement within any of the health care system operational areas as well as dental care. We participate in the Innovationssluss 2.0 joint project with Region Örebro province, Örebro University and Almi Collaborator Mälardalen. The aim of the project is to increase the number of ideas that may create benefits in health care. We offer a test environment in which we design and conduct idea-based test missions. A common mission is tailored focus groups. We then arrange meetings in which personnel from the region participate as experts. Receiving relevant viewpoints early on in an idea’s developmental stage is crucial to the next stage in the development of the idea. A product or service that will be used in care usually needs to be tested in the environment for which it is intended. We mediate contacts and coordinate the conducting of tests in our operations in Region Västmanland. We can also establish contacts for clinical trials. We collaborate with Centrum for clinical research in Västerås and Mälardalen University.
Robotdalen supports innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies who want to develop and commercialise innovations within welfare technology. With access to a broad skills and expertise network, we can provide flexible support in business, capital and product development at every stage of the commercialisation process. We work closely with health care providers and patients through Swedish test beds, LTV Innovation and MISTEL in particular, as well as with other executives and people providing finance for the innovation system.
Almi Företagspartner Mälardalen
Almi Företagspartner offers innovation consultancy services, and networking and funding opportunities for unique ideas that have business potential. Ideas must be new or present a substantial improvement of solutions currently available on the market. We provide support by experienced consultants who have a wide contact network, financial tools, and tried and tested project models.
The Collaborative Arena for Health and welfare technology (’The Arena’), Mälardalen University
Since 2013, the Arena has been an interdisciplinary concentration at Mälardalen University for collaboration and co-production. The Arena’s activity is based explicitly on the real needs of various users. Here, the University employs its competence within technology, health, and welfare, creating benefits and value in collaboration with local authorities, county councils, and businesses. The Arena organises forums and lectures to raise awareness of stakeholders’ areas of expertise. They bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, and health and social care staff, who learn from each other. The Arena is open to all organisations and companies that wish to work together within Social Welfare and Health technology. The idea is to harness the ideas and synergy that occurs when researchers and employees with different perspectives come together. Mälardalen University also offers the Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Care research profile. Here researchers in health care technology collaborate with companies, local authorities and county councils on new solutions for the monitoring of health at workplaces and comorbidities at home. The area also has concentrations 8 that include a corporate research college and an expertise hub within smarter electronic systems.
Västmanland’s municipalities
Västmanland’s municipalities work together to create the best possible conditions for the establishment and the development of businesses. Please contact the relevant municipality’s business unit if you have questions concerning establishment, vacant premises, vacant land, building permits, expertise, procurement, business networking, environmental and health protection, financing, signs, business organisations, other permits and licenses, etc.
More information
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Coordinator Social Welfare and Health
Västerås Science Park
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