Norge - Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC)

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Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 7A, Stavanger
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NSCC is a cluster with more than 115 companies and 45 municipalities/ government/academic institutions as participants. The cluster has its origins in the Stavanger region, but our members are now from all over Norway and internationally.
NSCC focuses on research, innovation and business development in Smart Care (eHealth, mHealth, integrated care, health ICT and related smart care disciplines) as a means of improving health and homecare services.
Our members provide leading health and homecare solutions for the global marketplace.
We build a cluster who is focusing on innovation, research and development, restructuring, commercialization, and export / internationalization of products and services in health and welfare technology. Collaboration and interaction, sharing of knowledge and business development are main points in our way of working.
We do this by:
  • Strengthen the companies in the cluster
  • Develop the market for welfare technology - both public and private
  • Contribute to developing the Norwegian health industry
To achieve this vision, we work with the following five main goals:
1: Increase competitiveness and value for members through developing the cluster's innovation platform, realized through the Norwegian Smart Care Lab.
The cluster will motivate, facilitate and contribute to innovation processes and cooperation between the members. We will establish activities that identify challenges and market opportunities. To speed up the process from ideas and prototypes to market access, the cluster will develop and implement test facilities in a Living Lab concept - Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL).
2: The cluster will assist our members so that science, research and development become an asset to our members.
The cluster will encourage cooperation between companies, municipalities and academia / FOU institutions in the cluster. The cluster want to stimulate to more relevant R & D on welfare technology.
3: The cluster will contribute companies to reach international markets.
The cluster will help companies to obtain international market information, contacts in international markets, introduction to new markets and learning from the best environments in the world in order to gain a significant competitive edge before they enter the international market.
4: The cluster will contribute to the strengthening, growth and upscale of early phase companies.
The cluster want to be a useful source to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, by creating good links between established businesses, academia, professional resources and entrepreneurs. We will build relevant programs that scales early phase companies. We will contribute to attract capital from investors to the members of the cluster.
5: Develop the cluster's network.
Competence-building activities are contributing to knowledge and trust between the members. We want to encourage interaction so sharing information is a natural part of the members' development. We will disseminate and share knowledge. The cluster organization and our methods to reach the goals will be continuously developed in the purpose of delivering high quality to our members.
The cluster is part of the national cluster development program Norwegian Innovation Clusters (collaboration between Innovation Norway, SIVA and the Research Council)
NSCC is powered by Validé
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