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HealthTurku – In the crux of health and medical

Turku, home of the life science expertise cluster known as HealthTurku, has about 20% of its industrial workforce in the life sciences sector.
Pharmaceutical and diagnostics development have been the strong suit of the cluster since the early 1980s. Today, the companies operating in the cluster produce more than half of the Finland’s total net revenue in pharmaceutical sales. While the drug development and diagnostic sectors have been traditionally the cornerstones of HealthTurku, the overall expertise cluster is much broader, covering different aspects of healthcare and technology. We bring together world-class healthcare expertise, combining it with accredited clinical research services and infrastructure.
What we offer
In co-creation and co-development, the HealthTurku provides testbed services under the regional development cluster known as Health Campus Turku (HCT). These services range from real-world testing facilities to simulated facilities. Individual testbed facilities include the Pediatric Test Centre Turku, that focuses on innovations related to the care of infants, children, and adolescents, Kunnonkoti (aging and assisted living), and Kupittaa Liikuntalaboratorio (sport physiology and physical therapy).
In business development, the HealthTurku provides services for companies in different stages maturity as part of Turku Science Park Ltd. service portfolio. These include the Life Science Accelerator program, in which startups are tutored, and Spark Finland – a mentoring program for more early-stage product ideas.
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HealthTurku is the home of the Finland’s first operational clinical biobank. Approximately one million samples are stored in the Auria Biobank and used for medical research. The use of health-related information in research and development is further strengthened by the Auria Clinical Informatics (ACI), the first Finnish health-related digital innovation hub (DIH) providing Real World Evidence (RWE) services for the industry.
The cluster also includes Turku PET Centre – a Finnish National Research Institute for the use of short-lived positron emitting isotopes in the field of medical research. Turku PET Centre provides a wider range of research services for pharma, including radiotracer development and testing services and preclinical and clinical Phase I-VI imaging studies.
In imaging studies, Turku BioImaging is an interdisciplinary science and infrastructure umbrella that aims to unite bioimaging expertise in Turku and elsewhere in Finland. Turku BioImaging has also a leading role in the pan-European research infrastructure Euro-BioImaging. The infrastructure provides a complete range of state-of-the-art imaging technologies in biological, molecular, and medical imaging for life scientists.
Outside imaging studies, the HealthTurku cluster also hosts a comprehensive care center for cancer. The Tyks Cancer Centre guarantees high-quality cancer treatment and research in the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa. The Tyks Cancer Centre is a part of the Cancer Center Finland (FICAN) – a national enterprise under construction to coordinate cancer treatment, research and education in the whole of Finland.
In pharmaceutical development, the Emergency Medical Services Public Utility of Turku University Hospital provides a safe environment for early phase clinical trials and so-called first-in-human trials of pharmaceuticals. The Emergency Clinic is capable of housing demanding clinical trials in a safe environment because of its advanced patient monitoring systems, qualified staff and proximity to the Intensive Care Unit of Turku University Hospital.
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